Company History

In the beginning there were solutions to sensor problems.

In 1967, Lothar Schlüter, father of the current Managing Director Jens Schlüter, and still active in the company, founded an industrial agency in Lehrte near Hanover, the Lothar Schlüter KG, which at that time already sold optical and inductive sensors. The solution of customer problems was already in the foreground.

As early as 1977, Lothar Schlüter and his former employees developed the first photo sensor in the M30 housing. Shortly thereafter, the first fiber optic optics were already mounted to the devices.

This resulted in 1981, the photosensor Universal System, short U-system, which made the use of fiber optics and photo sensors even simpler and more flexible. The idea was to combine a few basic devices with a large number of optical fiber optics. These fiberglass optics enable the use of powerful photo sensors as a reflex sensor or through-beam sensor even in hard to reach places or under difficult environmental conditions such as heat, pressure, dirt, humidity, etc. Due to its high performance and flexible application possibilities, the U-system quickly gained acceptance on the market.

In 1983 Schlüter and the Schlüter family moved to the Black Forest, where they are still based.

Over the course of time, the manufacturing and delivery program with many components in the field of sensor technology has been meaningfully expanded and supplemented. Today, Schlüter continues to produce and supply many innovative and unique products on the market. For example, inductive sensors that work up to + 250 ° C or special capacitive sensors for a wide range of applications.

The U system has also been developed over the years. There are a large number of suitable fiber optics available for the basic devices available. Also special versions, such as versions with stainless steel collar for the food industry, are possible!

Schlüter has been distributing the high quality and innovative linear axis systems of the Japanese market leader IAI since 1996. Due to the technical superiority of these products with increasing success.

The company has been using the Internet as an information platform since 1997 and can now be reached at numerous Internet addresses.

In addition to decades of experience in sensor technology and automation, Schlüter offers its customers proven and innovative technologies. And thus solutions for the most diverse tasks!

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